HIDIZS SD2 Review - littlenezt

HIDIZS SD2 Review - littlenezt

Power & Battery Consumption

The SD2 is rated for 70mw @32ohm, it is decent, not the most powerful small dongle, but it is decent.As for Its battery consumption, it is very efficient, I got 10 minutes only for 1% of my Infinix Zero 30 5G battery.


Bass of the SD2 is neutral and the control is decent, it can displays rumble of your IEM without any problem.

Midrange of the SD2 is also neutral / transparent, not colored in any way, at least to my ears.

Treble of the SD2 is somewhat extended and has good definition, compared to the KA11, I noticed that SD2 offers more “complete” treble presentation. Its like everything is more extended and the layering is also more superior than KA11.


Stage is very good, its wide, wider than KA11, you can easily tell things is more expanded with the SD2 when you A - B compare it with the KA11.Imaging is good, it has around the same level of the KA11, which is a lot better than your standard smartphone audio.

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