HIDIZS SD2 Review - ZMarketChangers Reviews

HIDIZS SD2 Review - ZMarketChangers Reviews

SD2 is really small. Much smaller than most of the USB type-C dongles available from other brands. It is only 20×34,5x10mm in physical size and designed in such a way that 3,5mm output comes out of the case at 45 degrees angle. This clever design serves two roles: type-C port side has enough surface length to press against the device and eliminate side flex and headphones output brings the jack closer to the source device, making the load shoulder even smaller. In real life, SD2 sits quite securely at place and doesn’t make me feel that it would destroy type-C port of my phone.

SD2 is designed to work straight forward out of the box – connect it to any source like Android smartphones or tablets, Windows PC or Apple smartphones and it should be recognized by the system as USB audio device. Furthermore, such apps as HiBy Music on Android would also recognize it as bit-perfect device to bypass system audio mixers and send data directly to USB.

Sound wise, SD2 definitely nails it and is capable of driving both at much more appropriate levels, bringing the life and juice to mid bass, much better clarity of treble, together with higher volume in overall. Music starts to feel more engaging and transparent, when each instrument has its place and room. Layering and imaginary scene gets better. And all of that is apparent, no need of recurrent tries.

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