Sparkling Designer Headphones – HIDIZS MS2 Hybrid Driver Headphones



July 12, 2022

The HIDIZS MS2 is simply stunning, it sparkles like a diamond.

HIDIZS MS2 is highly adaptable, with a brilliant soundstage and intoxicating bass. It’s hard to believe the immersive listening experience the MS2 provides.

Powered by Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver and proprietary Hidizs Dynamic Armature Driver, the MS2 has excellent resolution and extensibility, detachable cables, gold-plated pin design, and a clearly upgraded sound signature. The main cable is made of silver and copper, tough but malleable, perfect for travel and home use.

While some prefer headphones, the MS2 is ergonomically designed for comfortable wear. Its custom-made resin body and phosphorescent face plates with a sparkling sheen provide a premium look suitable for any setting!

The treble is smooth and unobtrusive, transparent, and natural. The balanced range is tight, delicate, and full of detail; rich male vocals sound particularly relaxed and steady. The bass is crisp and textured, with undiminished details that distinguish between bass and mid-bass.

The thoughtfully customized storage box is made from high-quality leather and lined with shockproof material, providing great protection for your headphones. It also includes 6 pairs of silicone ear tips. Not too shabby for accessories right?

The MS2 is a refreshing entry into the audiophile market and a worthy addition to any collection!
Hidizs MS2