Hidizs Global Review Tour Is Underway

For true and authentic facing customers, we initiated the Hidizs Global Review Tour starting from May 2023. To date, we have had over 30 participants from five different countries reviewing six different products. Thanks to your support, we have published more than 15 reviews on various platforms. These reviews have not only increased the awareness of our products but also provided us with invaluable feedback.

Our Objectives

Hidizs has always been dedicated to providing high-quality audio products to audio enthusiasts.

Through the Hidizs Global Review Tour Program, we aim to:

Build Community Connections: Establish closer ties with audio enthusiasts worldwide, listen to their voices, and acknowledge their support.

Provide Product Experiences: Give more people the chance to experience our products firsthand and gain deeper insights into our technology and design philosophy.

Share Valuable Feedback: Your reviews allow us to understand the strengths and areas for improvement of our products, enabling us to further enhance our offerings.


Coordinator: Carson Tong


Coordinator: Novan Vandamma


Coordinator: Eiji Zerstorer Romero


Coordinator: Antonio Teixeira


Product Images Shared by Review Tour Participants

Normal Procedure for the Hidizs Global Review Tour

Team Formation: The coordinator assembles a team of five or more individuals to initiate the review tour program.

Product Provision: We will provide selected participants with products for review. During the review period, you will have time to get to know the product thoroughly and document your experiences.

Writing Reviews: After completing your review, we encourage you to post your reviews on various audio communities and platforms. 

Feedback and Sharing: Your feedback is highly valued. Your reviews provide us with crucial information to help us continuously improve our products.

Contact Us

The Global Review Tour Program is currently undergoing a trial phase in select countries. We warmly invite experienced and responsible coordinators to join us on this exciting new journey together. If you are interested in joining us, kindly leave your detail info and message to us, let us know you want to be a coordinator or tour reviewer, and why? We will contact you accordingly.

The Hidizs Global Review Tour Program is an exciting new initiative. We appreciate your ongoing support, and it is your enthusiasm and feedback that drive us forward.

The detailed Hidizs Global Review Tour Program is under optimized, please continue to follow our social media channels and official website for the latest information about the program. We are eager to build deeper connections with you as we explore the wondrous world of audio together.

Once again, thank you for your participation and support!

Warm regards,

The Hidizs Team