Hidizs MD4 is coming soon


4 Custom-Designed BA Drivers - HIDIZS Gold Effect

Combining 4 Hidizs Custom Balanced Armature drivers to bring you acoustic charm, developed and tuned for years by Hidizs professional audio team, with evolved sound range performance.

One custom BA driver for high frequencies: get higher resolution and more extension, crisper sound, and richer details.

One custom BA driver for midrange: more body for the mids, more power, and presence. Intoxicating texture, unbelievable vocals.

Two custom BA drivers for low frequency: double power to stimulate thicker bass, incredible depth, tight response, and rich texture.

Two custom BA drivers for low frequency: double power to stimulate thicker bass, with amazing depth, tight response, and rich texture.


3-way Crossover

MD4 accurately calculates the connection of different frequency bands, reasonably allocating high, ultra-high, medium, and low frequencies, increased accuracy and clarity for all, mutually balanced and harmonized. Hidizs' decades of experience in acoustic tuning ensure MD4’s outstanding performance in different frequency bands.


Get 4 for the Price of 1! No More Single Tuning Sound

Electronic crossover tech to facilitate switching between four different sound styles, with a 2-level tuning switch, easily switching between high & low impedance.

- HIDIZS MD4 HiFi IEMs, 4 sound signatures that work well with all music genres.

Balanced: Classic Hidizs tuning, suitable for most people's listening styles.

Warm: excellent performance at all frequencies, stronger musical sense. Suited for folk & pop music.

Treble: remarkable highs/ultra-high. Suited for rock and electronic music

Bass: boosted bass with excellent speed and a tight response. Suited for symphony and classical music

Hidizs MD4, balanced armature drivers IEMs full of ambition, accommodating different listening preferences, as well as changes in preference over time.


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Hidizs MD4