Symphony of the Seas - The common values of WDC and Hidizs

Symphony of the Seas - The common values of WDC and Hidizs
About Nature and Music Theory

Most of us have seen the ocean. Everyone is amazed when they see the ocean for the first time. Her breadth and magnificence far exceed our imagination, and she is also the most spectacular sight that we can directly touch in this universe.

Have you ever had a moment: walking on the beach, you can hear the sounds of waves, wind, unknown seabirds and other things in your ears. If you listen carefully for a while, you may find that all these sounds are mixed together, so harmonious. In the sound of surging waves, there are always seabirds chirping appropriately, like melodious recorders cutting into gentle strings, with ethereal and indescribable beauty, like a natural symphony.

Hidizs Acoustics is so fascinated by the sounds of nature, and has also conducted in-depth exploration of the symphony of the ocean. The grandest music in nature, played without theory or notes, harbors secrets about the origin of human music that we know so little about. But what is certain is that the human auditory system evolved from the natural environment. The Just Intonation, the Pythagorean Tuning and the Equal Temperament that we use in the musical temperament theory are all imprints left by nature in the evolution of human hearing. This results in 261.63Hz being pleasant to the listening system, while 269.81Hz can sound a bit weird. Starting from the relationship between nature and music, we can see an unprecedented vast world, which is the real origin of human musical inspiration.


In order to further explore the relationship between nature and music, Hidizs chose to cooperate with WDC (Whales & Dolphins Conservation), and under the professional guidance of WDC, we learned about the life of the largest mammal in the ocean—the whale. WDC has professional research topics to study their living habits and carry out necessary protection. For example, the Vessel Speed Limits successfully launched by WDC to reduce the threat of collisions between ships and whales, and the famous "Humpback Whale Adoption Project" to protect the humpback whales that return to feed every spring.

With the support and guidance of WDC research results, we entered the world of whales. Among the more than 90 species of cetaceans, from the giant blue whale to the tiny Hector's dolphin, there are amazing biological characteristics and habits, which are the world we have never paid attention to. We urgently need to convey the belief in the protection of these unparalleled creatures to more people.

Connection between Hidizs MP145 and WDC

The Hidizs MP145 is the world's first professional-grade HiFi In-ear Monitors that blend oceanic whale conservation with outstanding industrial design. By seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics, Hidizs achieved a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits the human ear canal perfectly. Hidizs MP145's thoughtful design with hidden ventilation ports and ample space for its large diaphragm ensures captivating audio performance, delivering deep, immersive bass and soaring highs for an exhilarating musical experience.

In order to express the large of the whale, the MP145 uses a planar magnetic driver code-named FAST with a 14.5mm ultra-large diaphragm—almost the largest diaphragm diameter that in-ear monitors can use. This custom-made driver uses a 7+7 parallel magnet structure, which has a dynamic expressiveness that exceeds that of similar drivers. It can excellently restore the electro-acoustic signals of each frequency band and correctly feed back to the diaphragm. The result is stunning sound density and a well-balanced listening experience.

The Hidizs MP145 also uses valuable silver-plated single crystal copper wire, an "amorphous" wire material used on top-of-the-line audio equipment. We hope to present every note perfectly, and also hope to connect you and me with the whale while connecting the music. We live together on the same earth, and every individual is equal and deserves mutual respect.

Hidizs Acoustics

The Hidizs brand pursues excellence in the field of acoustics, and its products include Portable Music Players (AP100/AP80/AP80PRO/AP80PRO-X/AP60), Portable DAC & AMP (S1/S2/S3PRO/S8/S9/S9PRO/S10/DH80/DH80S), high-fidelity IEMs (MS1/MS1 Rainbow/MS2/MM2/MS3/MS4/MS5/MD4/MP145) and other accessories for professional audio.

Hidizs pursues the integration with nature, and has invested a lot of enthusiasm in exploring the relationship between nature and music. Including this in-depth cooperation with WDC, technology products carry humanistic care and arouse people's love for the ocean and whales. There will be more similar projects in the future to convey our love for music, acoustics, nature and even the world.

We are Now on Kickstarter!

The MP145 Kickstarter campaign has launched on 6th Sep and reached the goal withinin 1 minute. By backing this groundbreaking project, supporters will not only gain access to an extraordinary audio experience but also contribute to the conservation efforts of WDC.

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