What are Planar Magnetic Drivers? How do they work and show?

What are Planar Magnetic Drivers? How do they work and show?
What Is The Planar Magnetic Driver

The planar magnetic driver refers to a driver that uses a planar magnet to drive the diaphragm to realize the electroacoustic conversion function. It has a magnet structure that is obviously different from other types of drivers, usually two flat permanent magnets are placed opposite each other, and then a diaphragm printed with extremely thin wires is suspended in the middle of the two magnets. When the electrical signal passes through the wire on the diaphragm, due to the electromagnetic effect, the magnet will drive the diaphragm to vibrate, thus making sound.

The Benefits of the Magnet Structure

This magnet structure has two distinct benefits. The first is that there is no coil component that must be used by the dynamic driver and balanced armature driver. The electro-acoustic conversion is directly performed by the magnet and the diaphragm, which reduces the loss of electrical signal transmission, so it has a lower harmonic distortion rate and restores the audio more accurately. The second is that the diaphragm does not touch the magnet, which makes the movement of the diaphragm faster and more precise, so the sensitivity is higher, the transient range is higher, and it has rich sound details and strong low frequency.

Fully Symmetrical Magnetic Circuit

For example, Hidizs MP145 Planar Magnetic Driver HiFi IEMs uses a ultra-large planar magnetic driver with a diameter of 14.5mm. This planar magnetic driver is custom developed by Hidizs. It uses a brand new 7+7 fully symmetrical planar magnet structure with outstanding performance. It has an ultra-wide frequency response of 20Hz-40kHz, strong low frequency, accurate intermediate frequency, and broad high frequency, which is in line with the target curve. It is the best planar magnetic driver in its class.

The Cooperation with WDC

Hidizs MP145 Planar Magnetic Driver HiFi IEMs is also a product that cooperates with WDC to appeal for the protection of oceans and whales. Under the guidance of WDC, Hidizs used the imagery of whales to create and designed a unique appearance image. According to the characteristics of the planar magnetic driver and combined with the biological characteristics of whales, the air hole design is carried out to further improve the electroacoustic conversion performance of MP145. The planar magnetic driver with ultra-large diaphragm aperture has a beautiful encounter with the largest mammal on the planet - the whale.

The importance of whales in the ocean cannot be overstated. Hidizs supports WDC's global cetacean protection work, and calls on more people who love nature and life to join in and work together for the protection of the ocean and the earth.

Launch Date on Kickstarter at 9:30 AM EST Sept. 6th

The MP145 Kickstarter campaign will go live on Kickstarter at 9:30 AM EST Sept. 6th. By backing this groundbreaking project, supporters will not only gain access to an extraordinary audio experience but also contribute to the conservation efforts of WDC.

For more information, including early-bird offers and campaign updates, please sign up and get the launch special notification. Sign up to be the Limited Super Early Bird with $109.00 only 👉

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