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DH1000 Review - ZMarketChangers


It’s always been interesting to observe how new companies evolve and increase their presence on the market over time. We’ve noticed Hidizs since their first product release that had a huge success — AP100 Hi-Res player which became and still stays our favorite choice…

Preceding with 2 years of silence, in 2017 Hidizs finally presented their new linup of Hi-Res music devices: AP60, AP60II, AP200. Great new portable DACs for different budgets.

Despite that all of current Hi-Res players from Hidizs support USB DAC mode, separate standalone USB DAC Sonata DH1000 is still a logical step:

it is universal external USB DAC & Amp designed for a specific function and that has a higher driving ability
it can be purchased even by those who already have music source but wants more driving potential for their headphones or other equipment despite the brand name of source devices
it delivers much better sound quality when compared to players in DAC mode due its technical design and element base
Thanks to the manufacturer and their thorough approach in R&D, the device usage scenarios are numerous:

Use it to connect to your smartphone (Android or iOS) to get the maximum sound quality and inrease driving potential
You can use it with your PC (Windows, MacOS) as an external sound card
Connect it to your portable Hi-Res player (USB OTG) to get more driving potential for your headphones or stereo system
Conseqently, any device that can be used as digital transport over USB would automatically get very good digital to analog converter together with powerful amplifier if used with DH1000. How is it superior to other DACs or portbable Hi-Res players? Let’s find out…


Design and elements:


Hidizs stays consistent in their perception of package and overall modern design. The box is matt black with satin finish and various logo imprints at the front and complete technical specifications at the back. The device itself is held at place by the foamy podium, packed in semi-transparent bag and has protection film applied to both front and back glass covers.

Box contents consist of DH1000, USB->microUSB cable, microUSB->microUSB cable, USB type-C->microUSB cable, short user guide and couple of leaflets. Such set is completely enough for almost any future usage scenarios.

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