Hidizs MP145 Review - Acho Reviews

Hidizs MP145 Review - Acho Reviews

TDLR - Hidizs MP145

The IEMs are certainly on the large side of things, also being a bit heavier than many other sets, although still reasonable. The shape of the shells has been inspired by the tail of a whale and this does show when looking at them.

Details are pretty good, easily appreciated without being made the center of attention. When a track has a lot of detail going on in the background, the MP145 make it apparent but without making it the focus.

I also find soundstage to be above average on the MP145, with images nicely located and spread out in a left to right stage.

In general, I think that if you are looking for a good all round set of planars and you like a bit of additional bass presence, then the MP145 are a good option. You also get the 3 different filters to adjust them to your preference and maybe go for that extra bass emphasis when you are in the mood!


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