Hidizs MP145 Review - AudioDiscourse

Hidizs MP145 Review - AudioDiscourse

The MP145 is a new IEM from Hidizs that takes a themed approach, inspired by the large majestic whales in the ocean as its artistic canvas. The all-aluminum, and quite sturdy and heavy shell of the product takes a top down view of a whale's tail and and intricately machines it into the aluminum hull.

Balanced with a little bit of a mid-bass focus is how I would describe the MP145. It has a U-Shape sound signature with a bass bump that does go into the mid-range, dips in the mids, and has a small rise in the treble range. Unlike traditional V-shaped IEMs, the treble is more relaxed and doesn't suffer from over-compensating with brightness.

Hidizs has done a good job with this uniquely designed MP145 product. The planar driver choice and tuning is very well done for an all-arounder that has a good warm and full sound. The quality of the design and accessories is very good as well and it is priced right.


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