Hidizs MP145 Review - Eric Lab

Hidizs MP145 Review - Eric Lab

The MP145 design is loosely inspired by whale tails for the overall shape and texture lining and rorqual pleat for the 2 wide venting hole that act as semi-open back. And they are ''whalegantissimo''! Very big and chunky housing, biggest one in term of planar.

What it deliver: wide mellow slam, deep resonant rumble, enormous soundstage, transparent and smooth mids, versatile tonality, U shape balance, crisp snappy and fast treble, excellnt layering, lush vocals.

It's really one of those IEM that nail both fun engaging dynamic musicality with impressive technicalities of well tuned planar. And the standout being its over sized soundstage make it unique in planar realm.


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