Hidizs MP145 Review - Headfonics

Hidizs MP145 Review - Headfonics

Inspired by whales, the pleats form lines beautifully trace a prominent part of the majestic creature it’s copied from. And incorporating the tail in the center and hiding away the “breathing” holes on two sides, I like how subtle yet meaningful the design cues of the MP145 are.

The MP145 though has a shifting nature that pulls precision on some parts of a piano composition. With brighter notes, the breadth of the covered area is better extended showing a more profound picture than mellower sections.

In any case, I’m quite excited for the MP145 to reach more people since I think it has a good chance of satisfying audiophiles.

With three tuning filters to choose from including a nice default sound signature, the MP145 may be a newcomer but it already has a lot going for it.


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