Hidizs MP145 Review - Prime Audio Reviews

Hidizs MP145 Review - Prime Audio Reviews

Inspired by the elegance of whale tails and the efficiency of rorqual pleats, the MP145 headphones boast a distinctive design. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminium through CNC carving, these headphones radiate durability and exhibit impeccable build quality. This marriage of aesthetics and sturdiness is a testament to the precision behind their creation.

The soundstage created by the MP145 is expansive, extending both in width and depth. What’s commendable is how it achieves this without relying on an overly bright treble. Instead, it crafts a sense of spaciousness and separation between instruments and vocals, largely owing to the speed of the planar drivers.

Overall, this IEM not only delivers outstanding performance but also provides an opportunity to support conservation efforts.


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