Hidizs MS3 Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

Hidizs MS3 Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

The HIDIZS MS3 is an easy to amplify set that only needs a decent amount of power output from its sources as it scales well to all multimedia devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs and DAPs.

Its overall sound field dimensions gives me a rather average to above average on lateral points, a good height reach and good depth on between from front to back to give me an immersive yet sufficient head room within my aural sphere.

On imaging, it presents a concave presentation as I was able to perceive the placement of instruments and vocals within the confines of its spatial field. It has an excellent separation and layering performance as it is able to give a sufficient gap and spacing of each instrument and vocals with each specified tonal and frequency layers on its sonic canvas.These remarkable technical performance will perform well on more complex tracks even for its price.


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