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Hidizs MS5 Review - Audiophile Heaven

Hidizs MS5 Review - Audiophile Heaven

Hidizs MS5 comes standard with different tuning filters, allowing you to experience different music styles. The output sound is clear and delicate, and you won’t get tired of listening to it for a ...

IEMSHidizs MS5 Review - Kazi Mahbub

Hidizs MS5 Review - Kazi Mahbub

Hidizs MS5 Review – Living On The Edge Hidizs shattered price barriers with the MS5, indicating high stakes on its success. The MS5 teeter on the edge: a step more, they're overly aggressive; a ste...

IEMSHidizs MS5 Review - Headfonia

Hidizs MS5 Review - Headfonia

Introducing the Mermaid MS5, an IEM by Hidizs. With an energetic, engaging sound featuring impactful bass, clear treble, and articulate midrange slightly set back. The MS5, a competitive option, bo...

IEMSHidizs MS5 Review - Audiophile heaven

Hidizs MS5 Review - Audiophile heaven

The performance is surprising, and they have detail and resolution to be competitive in the midrange market, showing that HIDIZS can totally keep up with the currently active IEM market, and making...


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IEMSHidizs MS5: push the spirit of play to the end---Review from

Hidizs MS5: push the spirit of play to the end---Review from

An audiophile who plays audio and Hi-Fi may have the addiction of Trial and Error. As big as changing wires and speakers, as small as a piece of sound-absorbing cotton and a shockproof nail, as lon...

IEMSHidizs MS5-Honest Audiophile Impressions

Hidizs MS5-Honest Audiophile Impressions

Hidizs MS5-3 Tunings, 1DD 4 Sonion BA all for your listening pleasure!-Honest Audiophile Impressions

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