AP200 Firmware 1.0 is out now!


We have been worked hard in optimizing AP200 for this firmware 1.0. This update is aimed at fixing all bugs found so far. Update content is listed below:

1. Update Hiby music app3.0

2. Adding Wifi transfer feature (music files can be transferred through browser or using HiBy Music player)

3. Adding MSEB function

4. Adding fade effect (increase the transition between songs with the specific        setting)

5. Adding online access to cover and lyrics function

6. Adding file sorting

7. Adding screen lock function

8. Adding notification bar theme selection

9. Adding Hiby Link service function

10. Fix the issue in Google Play

11. Fix all other bugs that found so far.

    Please download the firmware by click here. If you meet any problem or have any question about this update, you can contact us by hello@hidizs.net.

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