Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - baskingshark

Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - baskingshark

On the default DAC filter, the Martha can be described tonally as having a warm-neutral profile.

There are no output impedance specs available, though most of the connected transducers display somewhat less stridency in the upper registers. The Martha has a mid-bass boost, and it synergizes well with brighter or edgier gear. Indeed, this dongle can be used for longer listening sessions, unlike brighter and fatiguing sources. 

Despite lying on the warmer side, this DAC/AMP is not as analogue sounding as something like the Cayin RU6, and still displays respectable resolution and clarity. For the sub-$100 price, imaging and soundstage is above average, and music does not sound claustrophobic or congested. Instrument separation and layering are well done.

Timbre is very natural - it is one of the highlights of this dongle - with note weight on the slightly thicker side. Acoustic instruments and vocals are very accurately played back.

Coupled with the aforementioned mid-bass boost, the sub-bass extends very well, and sub-bass heavy tracks will showcase a visceral rumble when called for. The midrange is transparent yet lush, which provides a euphonic soundscape. The treble is quite smooth and sibilant-resistant, and treble sensitive peeps will appreciate the tuning choice.


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