HIDIZS SD2 Review - Headfonics

HIDIZS SD2 Review - Headfonics

Unlike other dongle DACs, the Hidizs SD2 is also capable of in-line microphone support. People who use IEMs as their primary microphonics device will have no issues with it.Using the Hidizs SD2 with a microphone converts the audio streams to 24bit/48kHz. This ensures you get clear calls even if music is playing or receive clear audio whenever you’re playing games with voice chat.

The Hidizs SD2 has a unique mecha-style boxy design. There’s a lot of boxes and lines engraved on it to give it that futuristic cyberpunk vibe as well. It’s compact, small, and would fit in even those tiny jeans pockets. It’s lightweight as well, so connecting it to a phone adds no heaviness to it.

The Hidizs SD2 is neutral in most aspects. There wasn’t much coloration done, but there were some aspects modified.

The bass wasn’t lowered or increased. But I did hear that there’s a bit more texture and low-end presence using the Hidizs SD2.

The mids are the ones that get modified. I hear the vocals as a lot further forward and brighter sounding. This might be an issue for those who are sensitive to bright mids. I know there are dark-tuning fans as well, so they should consider this coloration.

The treble remains the same in detail retrieval. It does sound more vibrant and sparklier than normal. It still retains its neutral sound but is livelier. This means if your IEM has sibilance issues, then it’ll still have that sibilance problem.

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