HIDIZS SD2 Review - mataudiophiles

HIDIZS SD2 Review - mataudiophiles

BAS: The lows in the SD2 are really nice, with complete neutrality and naturalness in the low range. A clean and noise-free background provides a truly excellent sound experience even with very sensitive headphones. The low tones are not overly emphasized, instead they naturally reflect the character of the headphones. The low tones are present in exactly the amount I can expect from a DAC/AMPA, which is to accompany me every day as an “interface to the phone”. I’m glad that hidizs didn’t go for a very bass tuning.

Musical midrange: Vocals and instruments embedded in this range are, like bass, very natural and neutral. The SD2 is a product with a mature and balanced tuning that can really be heard. Vocals remain at some distance as the SD2 produces quite a good soundstage with nice depth and adequate width. The vocalists’ voices remain virtually unchanged and are presented as on the original recordings. Instruments retain the right amount of air and good separation.

Treble: Higher sounds retain clarity and purity. It is still a linear and neutral sound, but care was taken to adequately extend the treble. The instruments sound lively and look really good. The amount of detail in the sound and information we can hear is at a very good level. At the same time, the high bands are not excessively sharp and represent an excellent technical level. The highs are quite a strong point of the SD2 and are well implemented.

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