Hidizs MP145 Review - littlenezt

Hidizs MP145 Review - littlenezt

The IEM design itself is inspired by "Whale", it has some design element like whale tail fins, whale blowhole, and rorqual pleat.

The build of the IEM is pretty chonky and thicc but feel premium in hand, it looks kind of luxurious in a way, of the MP145 is pretty comfortable for my big ears regardless of its super chonky IEM size, there are no pain spot and no drag from the cable at all, pretty good fit for a good long listening session, though be careful if your ears are on the smaller side, your mileage may vary.

Very satisfying dynamic sounding bass with planar speed, the bass presentation of the MP145 is very safe for all kinds of genre. The bass shelf boost of the MP145 is ranging from sub bass – mid bass, and it somehow colors the mid a bit, but in a good way.

The MP145 is a very surprising releases from Hidizs that makes me sell a lot of my collection because I never touch it anymore since I have the MP145 with me. It is pretty much in line with my own personal preferences, grand, deep, punchy bass with superior planar speed, weighty lush vocal, and smooth but super extended treble.


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