Hidizs MS3 Review - Eric Lab

Hidizs MS3 Review - Eric Lab

While the design aesthetic is a matter of personal taste and will be hit or miss depending of consumer preference, the construction quality of MS3 is excellent and very impressive at this price range. Its all made of high quality alloy alluminium with a black mate finish. Their no fault to be found in craftmanship precision and the 2pin connector feel very sturdy as well as overall durability of the shell.

We can say overall tonality sit between U and W shape, Red nozzle offer crisper more transparent and technical performance, Gold nozzle the most balanced with slightly thicken-smoothen mid range timbre and Red is bassiest, warmest, darkest with softer thicker timbre and most blurry attack edge of definition.

The MS3 is very competitive in plain technical performance for it’s price range, and don’t feel over priced in that regard. The fact we have at least 2 very different signature with tuning nozzle is another big plus, and will please both basshead and treble head due to this special feature.


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