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AP60 firmware

Latest Firmware Version of AP60 II &AP60 pro

We already updated the latest firmware version of AP60 II & AP60 pro in our website. Kindly go to Download column in any case you need. Update Content:1. Optimize the compatibility of Bluetooth...

Sonata DAC Cable

How to upgrade your devices with Hi-Res sound with Sonata HD DAC Cable II

It is very common belief to say that smartphones, laptops and tablets have great audio for music, but the reality for audio professionals, it is not considered as Hi-Res audio: the output is weak, ...

Hidizs Dawnwood ST08

Get to know the Dawnwood ST08 earphones

Hidizs Dawnwood ST08 are powerful earphones made of a 3.5mm Dynamic IEMs with a durable 5-axis CNC metal housing which captures exceptional sound detail. Highly recognized for its excellence by man...

Travel case

The perfect traveling case you need to protect all your Hi-fi devices.

Hidizs introduces to you the Leather Travel Case. It’s a highly protective case made with fine leather quality. It contains enough room for your Hidizs player, earphones, cable, and amplifier. Gues...


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Hidizs' Newest Handcrafted NF-3U High-End IEMs

Hidizs’ Newest Handcrafted NF-3U High-End IEMs

Hidizs has been designing high-quality music player for years now and our mission has always been to provide high-end audio experience to all the HiFi fans. In order to provide an even more compreh...


All You Need to Know About the AP60 II

The AP60 II is portable, versatile, affordable, and crafted with premium quality. Recommended by many as one of the best HiFi players for an audiophile's first portable player, here is everything y...

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